Welcome to Zerg Training!

A complete fitness and indoor rowing training program aimed at those from beginners through to those with moderate experience in indoor rowing.

So… Let’s get started

What is Indoor Rowing?

Indoor rowing, also known as erging, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

It takes the strength and immense cardiovascular fitness benefits of the rowing stroke and adds convenience, time efficiency, accurate and immediate performance reporting, universal compatibility and an incredibly supportive community.

What is Zerg Training?

Zerg Training is a fitness training program created to provide a total fitness solution based solely around the Concept2 indoor rower.

We provide five training sessions each week, from five categories:

  •  Zerg Taming

  •  Zerg Control

  •  Zerg Attack

  •  Zerg Power

  •  Zerg Race

These sessions work together to provide a complete training solution for those looking to get fit and healthy or those looking to improve their erg times.

The Members’ Forum allows you to post your results and get feedback and support from both the Zerg team and your fellow members.

The forum also includes regular advice and articles to help you get the most out of your training and the benefits of the indoor rowing community.

Who is Zerg for?

The Zerg program is aimed at those who are either new to the world of indoor rowing, looking to improve their health and fitness or those with prior erg experience, looking to go further and improve their times.

Why should I join Zerg?


Direction, knowledge and consistency are the keys to improving… and succeeding.

Even the best athletes need direction.  That’s why they have coaches to tell them what training they need to do, when they should do it and give feedback on their performance.

The Zerg program does just that.

It provides you with direction by way of five training sessions a week.

It provides knowledge by of the advice and article.

It provides feedback via the training forum.

As for the consistency, well that’s up to you…. But we’re here to help.

Indoor rowing can be hard… very hard, particularly if being done incorrectly, and sadly many people make it harder for themselves (and more dangerous), by not having the knowledge of how to do it properly.

It is a sad fact that most PTs don't seem to even know how to use it properly, and are unknowingly putting their clients’ at risk of injury on a daily basis.


What do I need to be successful with Zerg?

  • Regular access to a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine (found in most good gyms world-wide).

  • Commitment to complete 3 – 5 training sessions a week.  Generally these sessions will be between 35 - 50 minutes, including warm-ups.

  • A determined can-do attitude and a genuine desire to improve yourself.

  • A friendly nature, willing to get involved in the Zerg Members’ Forum, to post your results, support others in the Zerg community and share in both yours and other members’ successes as you grow.

How much does it cost?

Zerg Training costs just US$4.23 per month.

There is a one month free period to try it out, get involved and see if it’s right for you.

So you really have nothing to lose.

How do I join?

Click on the Register or Sign-In button below and get full access to Zerg Training for one month... so get involved

If you would like to stay beyond your one month free trial, you will need to subscribe via PayPal's secure service.

Medical Advice

While when done correctly, indoor rowing doesn’t put undue strain on your body, we still recommend speaking to your healthcare professional before making this change as any changes to your routine, especially if you have not been active for some time or suffering from a pre-existing medical condition do require the guidance of a medical practitioner.


Let’s get started!  Let’s Tame ze Erg!